Aqua Illumination Prime Fuge LED

Aqua Illumination Prime Fuge LED

The AI Prime® Fuge LED light fixture uses a mix of Photo Red, Red, Cool White, and UV LEDs specifically tailored to provide the perfect spectrum for growing macro-algae in your refugium.  Macro-algae photosynthesis is fueled by elements in the water such as nitrates and phosphates.  The more photosynthesis, the more growth > the more growth, the more nitrates and phosphates are consumed, leaving your water clearer and fresher.


With a spread of 60 x 60 cm (24" x 24"), the AI Prime® Fuge will illuminate most refugiums while only drawing a maximum of 46 watts, following in its AI family’s efficient footsteps.


The AI Prime® Fuge, like its siblings, comes standard with 80 degree lenses giving you the best balance of power and spread. The custom designed optic lenses ensure efficient light distribution and includes a diffused exit surface which improves color blending.

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