Aquael Unbreakable Easy Heater 50w

Aquael Unbreakable Easy Heater 50w

Aquael Unbreakable Easy Heater 25w

Aquael Unbreakable Easy Heater 25w is a heater suitable for a 10-25L aquarium.

The Aquael EASYHEATER claim to be unbreakable... that's right UNBREAKABLE, under normal circumstances even if you get rough with them. There's no Glass, so nothing to crack when they over heat, not that they can overheat anyway.

Aquael Easy Heaters are a technologically advanced device whose housing is made of special composite plastic. The device is also noticeable for its functional shape: it is flat, thin and small in size, which means that it can be easily made inconspicuous in an aquarium. Thanks to the handy double hanger, the heater can be mounted on any of the aquarium walls. The freedom of installation is further increased by the fact that EASYHEATER can operate in any position, horizontal as well as vertical.

With a large ergonomic dial, the temperature can be set on the scale which ranges from 17 to 36º C. The accuracy of the automatic thermostat is within ± 1° C. The operation of the heater is signalled by three LEDs on the top and front of the housing. The LEDs are automatically switched on at the start of a heating cycle, allowing you to monitor the device. Equipped with a thermal safety switch, it is intended to prevent the device from breaking down or causing a fire hazard in the event of the heater being accidentally switched on when out of water or if there is an uncontrolled water leakage from the tank.In a situation like this, the thermal safety switch will turn the heater off automatically. After the heater has cooled, it will be switched back on, again automatically.

The conductivity parameters of the plastic used to manufacture the housing have been carefully chosen so that fish or humans do not get burnt if their skin comes in contact with the surface of a working heater (the surface of the housing will immediately cool down when touched).

capacity of aquarium [l]
Energy [W]Colour
EASYHEATER 25 W 10 - 25 25 Black
EASYHEATER 50 W 25 - 50 50 Black
EASYHEATER 75 W 50 - 75 75 Black
EASYHEATER 100 W 75 - 100 100 Black
EASYHEATER 150 W 100 - 150 150 Black

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