AquaReef 400 Marine Set 400L 132 L X 52 D X 73/88 Cm H (black)

AquaReef 400 Marine Set 400L 132 L X 52 D X 73/88 Cm H (black)


The new AquaReef from Aqua One are a new bench mark in purpose designed aquariums for all salt water fish keepers. Constructed totally from non corrosive materials including alloy space frame cabinet with plastic panels these truly are designed to resist everything salt can throw at it.

Each model is supplied fully assembled with built in overflow weir, plumbing and pipe work as well as a purpose designed sump. The sump houses all the essential equipment needed to run a marine system. This includes a circulation pump, filtration media, heater and efficient protein skimmer, there is plenty of room to get as technical as you like. The all new patented lighting system provides the essential lighting requirements for most reef keepers.

Purpose designed for saltwater tanks, Complete marine set up.
Built-in sump and all technical equipment included
Efficient pump driven protein skimmer
Patented T5 lighting system
Cabinet made from non-corrosive alloy frame and plastic panels
Cabinet delivered preassembled Pipework preassembled
Technical Specification
Total water volume 400l
Heating 2 x 200watt
Lighting 4 x T5
Sump filter

Aquarium size 132 x 52 x 73cm high
Cabinet 132 x 52 x 88cm high
Aquarium, Cabinet and equipment in black finish

This is offered as a fully equiped marine aquarium, cabinet and equipment, ready to create your marine display.

Important Notice:

This is a pick up only price!
Before you order this aquarium please make contact with Majestic Aquariums support to see what extra freight is required to get the tank to you.
Please do not purchase these aquariums online, as extra shipping charges may apply.
Please call Majestic Aquariums at 02 9525 3474, or email us at for more information.

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