AQUATEC AQUAPRO AP4800F Pond & Fountain Pump

AQUATEC AQUAPRO AP4800F Pond & Fountain Pump
AQUATEC AQUAPRO AP4800F Pond & Fountain Pump TheOne of the easiest ways to create a large and brilliant fish pond in your backyard, is to use the Aquapro AP4800F pond and fountain pump. With this pump, it is so easy. You get a pond, fill it up, put your pump in and turn it on. The AP4800F is suitable for ponds up to 4800 litres with or without fish, depending on your ideal design. The pump has been designed to be suitable for both fresh and salt water application leaving you with many options on installation and fish types. Every pump comes with a fountain kit that has the option of 2 different nozzles, the bell and the daisy. If you would prefer to run it without a fountain kit, it comes with adapters and a T-piece for the option to run a separate water feature or spitter. Pre-filter sponges are also available to attach to the front of the pump to decrease maintenance and increase the lifetime of your pump. FEATURES GREAT VALUE PUMPS 2 YEAR GUARANTEE INCLUDES FOUNTAIN KIT PROVEN CONTINUOUS RUNNING CAPABILITIES PRE-FILTER ADAPTABLE SPECIFICATIONS: Cable Length: 10m Flow: 4800L Head: 4.00m Model: AP4800F Size: 250 x 190 x 190mm Power: 97W
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