AQUATEC AQUAPRO Large Rock Look Pond 300L

AQUATEC AQUAPRO Large Rock Look Pond 300L
AQUATEC AQUAPRO Large Rock Look Pond 300L What a more authentic way to set up a natural looking water garden in your backyard than making it with the Aquapro rock looks ponds. The Aquapro rock look ponds, as the name suggests, are a fibreglass pond designed in a way that makes them blend easily into the landscape like a natural rock formation. The range comes with rock look cascades and different sized rock look ponds, like the 300L rock look pond, that can be incorporated effortlessly into your garden to set up an aquaculture ecosystem. Very easy to pair with a pond and fountain pump and set up your own little piece of paradise with the highly relaxing sound of running water and a few friendly fish. FEATURES HEAVY DUTY FIBREGLASS POND REALISTIC LOOKING MUD COLOURED ROCK LOOK DESIGN TO BLEND INTO ANY GARDEN GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY HOLDS UP TO 300 LITRES 5 YEAR GUARANTEE SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 1780 x 1500 x 540mm Volume: 300L
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