Altolamprologus compressiceps

Altolamprologus compressiceps "Gold"

Callochromis macrops

Callochromis macrops "Ndole Bay" RED

Aulonocranus dewindti

Aulonocranus dewindti

Aulonocranus dewindti is a mouthbrooding cichlid who inhabits the sandy bottom of Lake Tanganyika; one of the Great Rift Valley lakes on the African continent. Its home is the so called intermediate habitat, which is a biotope consisting of a sandy bottom speckled with a lot of rocks and empty shells.Aulonocranus dewindti is well adapted to a life in this biotope and has developed enlarged sensory pores on the head which help it detect crustaceans and insect larvae hiding in the sand.Aulonocranus dewindti belongs to a group of Tanganyika cichlids known as featherfins. As the name suggests, their common characteristics are elongated, delicate fins, somewhat resembling the feathers of a bird.

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