Biotec Fish Holiday Block 4 Bik

Biotec Fish Holiday Block 4 Bik

Biotec Fish Pond Block 240g Shell 1 Bik

Biotec Fish Pond Block 240g Shell 1 Bik

Biotec Fish Holiday Block 24 Bik

Biotec Fish Holiday Block 24 Bik

Slow-release Premium Food Block, PoA

Biotec Fish Pond Block contains premium quality food: 7 vegetables, 7 fishes, SeaVegie Leaf and Biotec Ultra+ Flake. 
Each block feeds 10-15 average size fish for up to 2-3 weeks in a 40-80 litre tank. 
The block will help condition water by neutralizing acid water and heavy-metals, inoculating Probiotic Biosuper microbes - improves water quality.

Compare Biotec Fish Weekend Block with other food blocks 
If there is any food blocks with more fish and better fish/food quality ingredients from label ingredients listing, tell us and receive $100 Biotec on-line purchase voucher on verification

Directions: Place the required segment block in your aquarium near a filter or airstone to slowly dissolve and disperse fish food inside the block. Remove any block still in your tank on your return. Block will not dissolve properly in highly alkaline water. Before leaving check your pH & adjust if necessary.

Ingredients: Food crude protein min 50% 1) Fish Vege Bits: spinach, dark green vege, pea, spirulina, kelp, broccoli, capsicum, 2) Fish Bits: krill, shrimp, cuttle fish, fish, earthworm, plankton 3) Ultra+ Flake. 
In bits/flake: krill, shrimp, fish, stabilized egg, earthworm, wheat/soy/oat flour, yeast, wheat germ, fish/soy oil, kelp, spirulina, plankton, beta-carotene. Vitamins & minerals booster: stabilized L-Ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate vit C, retinol vit. A, thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3, vit B5/B6/B9/B12/E/H/K, choline, lecithin, methionine, lysine, range of minerals, sodium chloride, calcium. Probiotic Biosuper microbes, some coloring, no preservatives/hormones.

Packing: Fish Holiday Block 50g (4 in bag). Other sizes: See Fish Weekend Block, Fish Pond Block 
Single block or 4 blocks in a bag, bulk 84 blocks packing

Eco Product & Packaging 
1) These blocks and the bit food in the blocks are produced using solar renewable energy (>90% of the energy used). Less greenhouse carbon gas emisson. 
2) Eco friendlier & minimum air-proof bag packaging is used, less than 1/5 of the material (& energy) required than other packaging, such as skin packaging.

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