Claritec 3000 Pressurised Filter

Claritec 3000 Pressurised Filter
Claritec 3000 Pressurised Filter A Pond Filter That Can Take the Pressure and Deliver Results. The Claritec 3000 (without UV) is suitable for shaded ornamental ponds to a maximum of 3000 litres or Goldfish ponds to a maximum of 1500 litres. A garden pond is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy nature. To keep your garden pond looking beautiful you require reliable and effective filter technology. Pond One has developed ClariTec, a pond filter that requires minimal maintenance effort whilst delivering astonishing filter results to give you more time to enjoy your pond. Some Key Features of the Claritec Pressure FilterSolid Construction: Deep Cleaning Power Greater Filter Volume Available with or without UVC Includes CeramiSub Advanced Filter Media Supplied with all Hose Connections 10m cable for the UVC for easier installation UVC ballast unit 2 + 1 year Guarantee
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