Dalua Illumagic Blaze-S 90

Dalua Illumagic Blaze-S 90

Maxspect Mazarra Mount Package B

Maxspect Mazarra Mount Package B

Dalua Illumagic Blaze-S 120

Dalua Illumagic Blaze-S 120
Dalua Illumagic LED Lighting

'The Blaze S series LED's, used for coral and marine tanks, are the closest LED systems made to replicate nature and all of it's changes. All this is set and controlled by you from an on board computer system which can mimic to the exact spectrum the perfection of nature's daily sunrise and sunsets, weather patterns and seasons. Not only will your corals and fish flourish from the benefits of having over 5 different spectrums of LED's, the Blaze S series LED system looks fantastic and is close to silent. Usable light up to 3 feet deep and with a perfect LED lens coverage of 75 degrees, your tank will look superb.'

Note: Choose your size before checking out! Comes in 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm!

Blaze S-120

64 X 3 watt Cree LED's

Warm white, cool white, blue, royal blue, UV and violet LED's

12,000 lumens

4,000k - 20,000k

LED's 390 (UV) up to 485nm 

1210mm x 150mm x 92mm

200 Watt power consumption

ALC computer module

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