Deltec E-Flow R3 24VDC

Deltec E-Flow R3 24VDC
Deltec E-Flow R3 24VDC Deltec’s new flag ship series of true sine wave pumps driven by brushless motors. The included controller can set power consumption and performance via a wattage display. The pump can either be installed inside or outside a sump. The new E-flow Pumps provide a high flow rate and pressure at low power consumption and are almost silent in operation. E-Flow R3 – Silent running external and internal pump with a 9000 lt/hr duty Features Deltec E-Flow Pumps are almost silent in operation due to the all new DC brushless motor. All Deltec E-Flow Pumps are protected by an over load protection circuit and if the impeller becomes blocked the pump is switched off automatically. All models include a control panel that allows the pump to be adjusted for power output . By using the up and down buttons on the control panel power output in watts can be adjusted electronically in 13 stages (E-Flow 16) down to 20 watts. If power is lost the pump will restart at its old power setting Deltec Quality Made in Germany, built to perform Deltec Products truly deserve their “Made in Germany” quality label. All parts are manufactured using cutting edge computer controlled CNC milling machines thus ensuring consistent high quality components and pumps that are built to last. Technical Specifications Technical data: Water head max: 10.3 meters Performance selection: 13 stages Voltage: 230/240v Weight: 3.9 kg Pump dimensions: 230 x 135 x 214 (LxWxH) Controller dimensions: 190 x 215 x 65 mm (LxWxH) Connections: Inlet/Suction: 40 mm Outlet/Pressure: 32 mm Power Consum
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