JBL MagnesiuMarin 500ml

JBL MagnesiuMarin 500ml

JBL MagnesiuMarin 500ml

JBL MagnesiuMarin is a Magnesium supplement for the professional care of the reef aquarium. The popular calciferous red algae and invertebrates which develop a calcarous skeleton or a hard shell in reef aquariums need sufficient magnesium to build up their shells or skeletons. These animals include rock corals, soft corals, sponges, sea urchins, crustaceans, bivalves, gastropods, etc. Possible consequenses of inadequate magnesium content are defective growth in rock corals and calciferous red algae and insufficient skeletal development in echinoderms and moulting problems in crustacea.

+ JBL MagnesiuMarin supplements inadequate levels of magnesium in the reef aquarium
+ recommended magnesium content: approx. 1200 mg/l (as measured in the Indo-Pacific)

Dosage for JBL MagnesiuMarin:
A capful (50 ml) increases the magnesium content in 50 1 aquarium water by 50 mg/l. Add the required amount to the aquarium in an area with good water movement.

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