Aquaforest Iodum 10 ml

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Aquaforest Iodum 10 ML

Supplement contains concentrated iodine. Essential for many corals especially for mushrooms, zoanthids, gorgonias and other soft corals. Supports blue and purple colour of stony corals. Can be quickly depleted by macroalgae, strong illumination and an aggressive skimming. Iodum has disinfection effect, supports fish and corals health and their resistance to diseases.

Dosage: 1 drop per 100l (27 US gal.) daily.

Capacity: bottle of 10ml( 0.35 fl.oz.), 50ml( 1.7 fl.oz.).

1ml Iodum (~ 15 drops) rise Iodum level : 0,25 ppm in 100L (27 US gal)

Aquaforest Iodum is the most concentrated form of Iodum which is a volatile element, due to the fact, the packaging may darken or discolour. It doesn 't affect quality of the product.