Aquaforest Water Conditioner 200ml

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Aquaforest Water Conditioner 200ml

AF Water Conditioner has the main purpose of eliminating unwanted irritant factors for fish such as chloramine and chlorine. It is also capable of binding and neutralizing unwanted heavy metals. A complex of vitamin B + C has been added to the formula to help reduce stress, support the immune system, and stimulate the healthy growth of aquarium residents.

AF Water Conditioner immediately prepares the tap water for direct use in the aquarium. It is possible that the compounds contained in water are bioavailable for plants, such as iron.

Fish transport often causes damage to the skin and fins and reduces the mucus layer; thanks to the protective colloid that replaces the natural mucus, fish skin regenerates faster and is less prone to injury and infection.


10ml of AF Water Conditioner every 100 liters of water to be treated.