Aquael Filter 500 MaxiKani Canister Filter with External Pump

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Aquael MaxiKani 500 Canister Filter

MAXI KANIis a line of canister filters dedicated to both aquariums and aquaterrariums powered by independent, efficient pumps. They combine large filtration capacity with any installation method - the feeding pump can be placed both inside and outside the tank, also in a horizontal position. An additional advantage is the exceptional ease of use. Due to their design, they are also perfect for aquaterrariums - they can work in water with a depth of only 10 cm. They provide extremely efficient mechanical and biological filtration, effectively cleansing water from both pollutants visible to the naked eye and dissolved substances that are toxic to the inhabitants of the aquarium. They are easy to install and do not require frequent cleaning. The external pump makes the filter can be located not only under the aquarium,

Sales arguments:

complete and ready for action
simple design = convenience of installation and use
high efficiency with low energy consumption
provide ideal conditions for breeding animals and aquarium plants
properly selected filtration media
integrated shut-off system = comfort and safety of use
any filtration configuration
work also in shallow water