Aquael Oxypro 150 Air Pump

Aqua Premium

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A modern, ultra quiet aerator for aquarium. The device is virtually inaudible. The effect was achieved by a special construction of the electromagnet as well as double walls of the enclosure. All of the vibrations are dampened by the body consisting of a few independent, accurately connected elements. They dampen not only the noise, but also the movement, thanks to which OXYPRO QUIET is not only quiet, but also does not change its position due to emitted vibrations (it is a common affliction of many models of aerators). In practice the only manifestation of OXYPRO QUIET operation is an illuminated LED and a stream of bubbles floating in the tank.

It can be easily adjusted using a large, ergonomic knob to adapt the aerator operation intensity to the needs of a particular aquarium. Furthermore, the aerator is adapted to be used in case of extremely deep aquaria it is capable of pushing air as much as 2 m below the level of water surface!

Additional advantage of OXYPRO QUIET is a modern look, the double, yet transparent, casing allows one to see the insides of the device including its moving membrane. All of that was achieved while keeping small size of the device as well as exceptionally low power consumption of as little as 2W.

OXYPRO QUIET is an ideal solution for aquarists valuing the highest comfort of usage of aquarium equipment and superior quality of its manufacture combined with innovative technical solutions.