Aquael Reef Circulator 2500

Aqua Premium

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REEF CIRCULATOR are high-performance circulating pumps for saltwater aquariums. Thanks to the maglev suspension system employed in the rotor chamber, the pump is virtually noiseless and extremely energy-efficient. Low energy consumption also means that its operation does not result in an undesirable increase in the water temperature. The exceptionally reliable magnetic hanger makes the pump easy to install right on a tank wall. Thanks to the swivel connection, the direction of outflow can be freely adjusted with high precision. The pumps are available in a wide range of sizes, suitable for small, mediumsized, and large saltwater aquariums.

Product Energy [W] Max flow [l/h] Aquarium capacity [l]
Reef CIRCULATOR 1000 3,3 1000 100
Reef CIRCULATOR 2500 4 2600 200