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AQUASKY G is an LED lighting system designed for W60cm or smaller aquarium tanks. With the use of high-luminosity white LED light with an enhanced green color spectrum, AQYASKY G can brightly illuminate the aquarium at less power consumption and makes the green color of aquatic plants look more vivid. Its slim lighting unit features excellent heat dissipation. When installed on the stand, AQUASKY G naturally blends in with surroundings and gives an open atmosphere above the aquarium.

Common feature Å
*AQUASKY G is NOT compatible with Cube Garden Superior series.

STAND size ÜW450?ÇöD100?ÇöH95mm
Input voltage ÜAC100?ô240V50 Å60Hz
Power consumption Ü22W
Current consumption Ü650mA 5%
Luminous flux Ü1,400?ô1,600lm
Color temperature ÜAround 7,000 8,000K (Due to the nature of LED lighting, there are variation in color temperature.)
LED Ü0.4W/each?Çö45
LED lifetime ÜOver 30,000hrs (subject to operating environment)
Operating temperature range Ü0?ô35?Ç Æ

*NOT compatible with tank W45?ÇöD30?ÇöH45cm and W45?ÇöD45?ÇöH45cm with glass thickness of 6mm.