AquaStart 340 40L Glass Aquarium Gloss Black



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AquaStart 340 40L Glass Aquarium Gloss Black

The AquaStart 340 features all-in-one ' convenience and impressive performance. Designed to be easy to use and simple to maintain ‚´ the AquaStart 340 is perfect for beginners and professionals.

Features & Benefits:

  • The built in light unit with LED provides a brighter and clearer light to enhance your aquarium.
  • The top filter comes complete with 2 carbon cartridges, biological sponge and ceramic noodles. The carbon cartridges also incorporate filter wool to filter out the finer solid particles.
  • The sleek single door design of the cabinet allows for storage of all your aquarium accessories.

Replacement Parts / Media:

  • 25069i - Impeller Set - 340 Pro AquaStart 69i
  • 25069C - Carbon Cartridge - 340 Pro AquaStart 69c
  • 25069S - Sponge - 340 Pro AquaStart 69s