Bali Sand 0.5-1.2mm 5kg Aqua Medic

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Bali Sand 0.5-1.2mm 5kg

Bali Sand is a very pure limestone that consists of about 98% of calcium carbonate, as well as some zeolite-like minerals. Because of its texture and its very white appearance, it is ideal for saltwater aquaria.

Bali Sand is suitable for invertebrates such as anemones, tube worms and also lipped fish, since the animals can burrow with ease. Likewise, this substrate is easily shifted by gobies. Bali Sand is a reef aquariums natural habitat, creating the foundation for a well functioning aquarium. Bali Sand, like the coral reef, is a fossil natural material and is not removed from the oceans.

This substrate is a sustainable alternative, producing the optimal biological effect for all aquarium inhabitants and preserving nature.