Easy-Life ERB Filter Media 1kg

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Easy Life ERB


ECO REEF BASE is a completely new product specially developed for Marine and Coral Aquariums. It is a perfect companion to Easy Life as it also aims to make fishkeeping and/or coral keeping easier than ever before.

ERB secret formula contains essential elements like; Calcium, Manganese and Iron, plus Trace elements.
Usage:. Simply fill the 500ml Filter Bag supplied and place it in your sub filter anywhere the water can run through or over it. May also be used as a substrata for smaller Aquariums with the same benefits as inside a sub_filter system.

ERB will now give a controlled release of these essential elements your water requires. Result are often quite astonishing. The corals show more color, extend their polyps more and start to grow faster.

All this with a 100% natural product that contains NO Chemicals, bacteria or other organic additives.

You wonder how you did without it once you have tried it.