Easy-Life Voogle (Ultimate Immune Booster) 500ml

Aqua Premium

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Boost fish immune system to naturally fight off external diseases
* Special vitamin blend supports the natural healing process in fish
* Safe, effective alternative to treating Ich, Cryptocaryon, Columnaris & more

Before you reach for medications, try revolutionary Voogle First Aid for Fish. Made with a special mixture of vitamins, minerals, natural plant extracts and synthetic concentrates, Voogle quickly strengthens the immune system of freshwater and marine aquarium fish. A healthy immune system is essential to the natural healing process of fish with white spot (Ich), Cryptocaryon, Columnaris, fungal and bacterial skin infections, and other external diseases.

Easy-Life Voogle is not a medication and is safe to use with all fish, invertebrates (shrimps, crabs and snails), corals and plants. It will not harm the beneficial bacteria in your biological filter.

Use Easy-Life Voogle at first sign of illness, to support immunity during times of stress from transport or water parameter swings, or simply dose weekly to maintain fit and healthy aquarium fish. 1 fl. oz. treats 30 gallons. 16.9 fl. oz. Dosage cup included. For freshwater and marine use.