Ekoral Ek 4 Channel Wifi Dosing Pump Daula

Pet Allience

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Wireless control of your additives

Simplest of Apps and Dosing

The EKoral 4 channel wifi doser is by far one of the easiest units to connect and begin dosing due to EKoral's flawless app design. With built in you now have 24/7 cloud control and monitoring of your aquariums main elements and dosing regimens. Now with added direct access for those hard to reach wifi signals. The EKoral 4 channel wifi doser (as the name suggests) comes with 4 dosing heads but the user can easily add more units seamlessly into the app for endless amounts of trace element dosing for even the craziest of reefers!

DALUA Ecosystem - Full coral care today!

Simply purchase our 4 bottles of the DALUA Coral care range (Calcium+Trace, Alkalinity+Trace, Magnesium+Trace and Coral Nutrition) perfectly designed for your Ekoral Wifi Dosing pump.

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