JBL Aqua-T Handy spare blade, 5x

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JBL Aqua-T Handy spare blade, 5x

Spare blades for Aqua-T Handy

  • Accessory for Aqua-T Handy: 5 precision blades for the effortless removal of stubborn deposits from aquarium panes
  • Easy replacement of the blades within seconds
  • Safe: dispenser for new and old blades
  • Fits other models with similar blade inserts
  • Package contents: spare blades for Aqua-T Handy, 5 blades in dispenser

Maintenance and cleaning
Food and plant remains and metabolic products pollute the aquarium water. Cleaning your tank and accessories and carrying out regular partial water changes is good for your aquarium animals and makes having an aquarium more fun for you.

Effortless removal of persistent deposits
The JBL glass pane cleaner Aqua-T Triumph facilitates the easy removal of stubborn algae from the aquarium panes. Thanks to the small blade distance to the holder of the cleaner the silicon seal of the aquarium is not damaged. The Aqua-T is suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The protective cap prevents injuries when not in use

JBL Aqua-T Handy spare blades
The spare blades for the Aqua-T Handy glass also fit other models with similar blade inserts. The product is delivered in a practical dispenser for new and old blades.