JBL AQUATEST Lab -Freshwater

Aqua Premium

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JBL is proud to present their range of complete test kits.

Available in the Combi Test (basic) and Testlab (comprehensive) varieties all JBL complete test kits come with everything you will need to perform water tests.

All test kits contain the following:

  • Glass vials for all necessary water tests included
  • Measuring spoon and plastic syringe
  • Vial bracket for colour comparison.
  • In depth manual
  • Colour chart and instruction booklet
  • Carbonate/pH chart
  • Water analysis journal & pen


Both colour chart and in depth manual contains directions for all tests. This allows for easy expansion of most test by purchasing the refill of individual tests without need for a full individual test kit*.

*Potassium test requires its own unique vial, please keep this in mind if you are planning on adding a potassium test to your kit as only the Testlab Proscape and individual Potassium test kit contains this particular vial.