JBL Hydrometer/Thermometer

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JBL Hydrometer/Thermometer
Hydrometer for saltwater aquariums
  • Precision glass spindle and measuring vessel for measuring the salt content (density) in marine water aquariums
  • Convenient to use: half fill the measuring vessel with saltwater, insert the clean hydrometer, read off values after 1 minute.
  • Reading accuracy of 0.0005 units and therefore also suitable for scientific purposes. Reading range of density from 1.016-1.028 (recommended range: 1.021-1.025)
  • Thermometer and built-in temperature correction scale from 9 to 32 °C. Transport cylinder (height 33.5 cm) serves as measuring vessel
  • Package contents: 1 hydrometer for marine water with built-in thermometer + measuring vessel with stable stand