Maintenance Kit 5 In 1


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Aqua One Maintenance Kit 5 In 1
Enjoy a sparkling clean aquarium with the Aqua One Maintenance Kit - providing the essential tools you need to create the perfect aquarium. Cleaning your aquarium is a breeze with the Aqua One Maintenance Kits.

Each cleaning tool features a quick release button to make changing tool heads quicker than ever.
This tool makes it easy to maintain a beautiful sparkling aquarium.

Features & Benefits:

Glass Scraper ‚´ For scraping stubborn algae from glass aquariums*
Scrubbing Pad ‚´ For cleaning walls of glass and acrylic aquariums
Gravel Rake ‚´ For tidying gravel displaced by fish activities or gravel cleaning
Plant Fork ‚´ For pressing aquatic plant roots into the substrate
FishNet ‚´ For catching fish or removing uneaten food from the aquarium

Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine