Oasis Betta Aquarium 31 W X 20 D X 26cm H Black


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Oasis Betta Aquarium Black

Aqua One Betta Oasis is the complete aquarium set for any office or living space.

The stylish aquarium is equipped with a heater, filter, LED lighting, food, water conditioner and décor to get you started.

Features & Benefits:

  • Internal filter provides biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration as well as providing circulation and aeration
  • Spray bar on filter allows for even water distribution
  • Heater is made from safe, durable plastic with a temperature-controlled accuracy of plus or minus 1°C
  • LED light unit provides bright and efficient lighting, whilst enhancing the natural colours of your aquarium inhabitants.
  • Included artificial plant will add vibrancy to the aquarium
  • Includes background to hide unsightly cabling
  • Betta pellets are intended for the daily feeding of Betta fish. These pellets are intended to encourage growth, colour, and fin development in your Betta
  • Betta Conditioner improves the aquarium water by removing harmful toxins such as chlorine and chloramines found in tap water
  • Removable lid allowing easy access for maintenance

Suitable For: Betta, Shrimp and Small Tropical