Reef Finder Book by Russell Kelly

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The Reef Finder is the world 's first searchable field guide that you can take underwater. It's a biodiversity primer that can be searched by shape (e.g. fingers, spines, spirals) or textures / concepts (e.g. holes, tentacles, sediment). The Reef Finder is the first ever comprehensive underwater field guide to fish and invertebrate groups that can be used without any formal knowledge or training. The Reef Finder was conceived, funded and developed by Russell Kelley with support from the Australian Coral Reef Society.

Traditional guides are arranged in scientific order which is a fatal flaw for learning. They assume you know what ƒƒ‚�ƒ¡‚£kind ‚˜ of thing you are trying to ID and where to look in their book in the first place. Enter the Reef Finder ‚´ the Reef Finder 's Visual Index solves the ID problem for divers without assuming you have biological training ‚´ now for the first time you can explore, discover, learn and communicate with others ‚´ underwater!

The Reef Finder won Best Illustrated Guide in the 2015 Whitely Book Awards hosted by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.