Royal Nature Ion Balanced Natural Sea Salt 10kg Bucket

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We recommend mixing 1 kg of Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt with 26 liters of RO water using circulating pump.

The resulting salt water is ready for use when the salt is completely dissolved, a process that should take about 30 minutes. Best results are at temperature of 24-25 c (74-76 F). Check salinity with a reliable and calibrated refractometer and add salt or water to achieve the correct level. We recommend monitoring water parameters before adding it to the tank.

A weekly partial water change of 10-12% using Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro salt will ensure balance of all macro and micro elements with their natural values.

Caution: In case of replacing any synthetic salt with Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt please make sure that the first water change does not exceed more than 3-4%, the second Water Change of 5-6%, the third Water Change of 8-10%. Regular Water Change - not more than 25% at a time.