Spectrum Probiotix Regular Pellet 2.2kg

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Spectrum Probiotix Regular Pellet 2200g

So, what is?ÇÜ?áProbiotix?ÇÜ?«??ÇÜ?áIt?ó?ÇÜ?¼?Ç??ós the Spectrum Nutrition Formula combined with our own mix of beneficial?ÇÜ?á probiotic cultures ?ó?ÇÜ?¼??? at least 3 million per gram. These add to the beneficial organisms that live in your fish?ó?ÇÜ?¼?Ç??ós gut and help aid digestion ?ó?ÇÜ?¼??? more of the nutrients your fish eat are absorbed and converted (this is called utilization ratio). Our proprietary probiotic mix has an extra benefit: we added phosphate-eating bacteria that works in the gut, but also gets into the water column along with the waste ?ó?ÇÜ?¼??? and from there into the filter media. The result? A virtuous cycle in the aquarium that works in the gut, the water and the biofilter.

There is a?ÇÜ?áNew Life Spectrum?ÇÜ?«?ÇÜ?áformula for almost every freshwater fish, marine fish, crustacean or coral in your aquarium. The Spectrum family of formulas all feature high-density, quality nutrition from natural ingredients and uses a natural, plant-based preservative with the trade name Naturox?ÇÜ?« instead of ethoxyquin. Formulas come in a variety of jar sizes: from 60g jars all the way to 2200g buckets.