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Seachem StressGuard is a premium slime coat protection product that is quite unique & and can be used within fresh water or saltwater aquariums , In the aquarium trade this product is known as a liquid bandage, The product itself has multiple uses, not only will it bandage and protect your fishes wounds but it may be additionally used to reduce stress and ammonia toxicity in your water or whenever you are handling or transporting your ?sh, especially in scenarios after netting and transporting within fish bags or holding within acclimatisation set ups, Seachem StressGuard primarily works by attaching to open wounds and sores on your injured or damaged fish , it acts as a liquid bandage and disinfectant to aid with the natural healing process , due to this liquid polymer bandage you will find massively reduced amounts of primary and secondary bacterial infections to the exposed protein within any wounds. In turn your fish will heal faster and the survival rates will increase.

Many fish in the aquarium don 't actually die from the initial wound or parasite but rather from the infections caused in the aftermath . This product will without doubt increase the survival rate of the injured fish, Unlike many medications StressGuard is compatible with all other medications except those that are copper based. So either during your treatment schedule or after stress guard is going to help you out , StressGuard will also not interfere with any of our filtration products as it will not coat resins or clog medias like competing ƒƒ‚�ƒ¡‚£slime coat ‚˜ products can do. You can safely use the likes of Purigen , Matrix Carbon and also still use our bio medias DeNitrate and matrix whilst dosing StressGuard, actually it would be really beneficial to use the likes of Purigen alongside stress guard , Purigen will reduce the organic waste level of your water also reducing the risk

The reason why Seachem StressGuard is very successful at healing is because it contains a protein active colloid. This protein active colloidal agent will actively seek out any damage ,wounds, abrasions and attach to any damaged areas , it will then also directly deliver a disinfectant to the wound that is bound within the product itself, this gives a major boost to the start of the healing process.

Also as a side note StressGuard will not affect the pH of your aquarium, even when used in large doses. Many other products are very acidic and can In turn cause fluctuations within your water . You won 't find another product quite like StressGuard, keep your fish health and safe

Directions to follow

Use 1/2 ‚´1 capful (2.5 ‚´5 mL) to every 40 L (10 US gallons) daily until signs of stress have abated or healing is complete. The dose may be safely doubled if the wounds are large or healing seems to be taking its time.

Caution of use :-this product is Not to be used at the same time as the dosing of copper based medications.

Suitabilily of aquarium types :- stress guard can be used within cold water , tropical and saltwater aquariums. ( stress guard is also a reefsafe treatment )

Sizes currently available

50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 4 L