Substrat Pro 250ml

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The decisive advantage of the new biological EHEIM filter substrate -SUBSTRATpro- is the pore system of the adhesive surface which is perfectly adapted to the size of bacteria to guarantee fast and intensive development of the cultures. Thanks to its enormous colonisation area of approx. 450 m2 per litre, SUBSTRATpro provides the perfect basis for the efficient biological breakdown of harmful substances with an above average service life.

The highly effective filter medium consists of sintered glass. Spherically shaped to create a current-like flow, it ensures optimum water flow and thus maximum utilisation of the filter volume.

Advantages of the new SUBSTRATpro:
- even filter material structure
- steadier water flow
- improved utilisation of the filter bed
- surface perfectly adapted to colonisation with nitrosobacteria and Nitro-bacteria
- reduced nitrite load peaks during break down, better than in conventional filter media
- 250 ml package for the EHEIM internal filters aquaball and biopower
- also suitable for all other internal or external aquarium filter