Tourmaline BC 100g

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Tourmaline BC 100g Substrate Additive

Tourmaline BC contains fine bamboo charcoal, absorbing organic pollutant substances and tourmaline. Add some over the substrate during the initial set-up, and it will help to improve the substrate environment. Activating the propagation of bacteria and root growth

is a mineral compound of iron, aluminium, sodium, boron, lithium and magnesium which are gradually dissolved, enriching water of important elements. Tourmaline BC is an electrostatic mineral that increases roots plant nutrition.

Tourmaline BC therefore increases plant growth: in particular Glossostigma Elatinoides grows around 50% more than its normal development with the addition of Tourmaline BC.

Dosage: On the aquarium bottom, before adding Power Sand or Aqua Soil, using the supplied dosing spoon, add 10 level spoonfuls for every 20-30 gallons water (10 spoonfuls for a 20 gallon size aquarium). Spread evenly over the aquarium bottom.