Our Guarantee

Price Guarantee

We match all prices but nobody matches our service!

Majestic Aquariums will match all advertised online and store prices for an identical item which a competitor has in stock. We will include any of the freight charges of online stores and will not match prices under list wholesale cost. Specially ordered price match items require a 50% deposit.

Majestic Aquariums is known for its high standard of customer care, advice and service. When you deal with Majestic Aquariums you are dealing with the aquarium specialists.

Majestic Aquariums, more than you expect!

Fish Guarantee

The team at Majestic Aquariums constantly strive to ensure that only the highest quality of livestock is sourced and sold at Majestic Aquariums. This means securing a close relationship with the best suppliers and offering the best conditions possible.

Majestic Aquariums guarantee that every fish sold will be healthy and strong. If you buy a fish from Majestic Aquariums that dies in the first 48 hours, we advise you to bring a jar-sized sample of water from the tank, the dead fish and your receipt from the shop that day. We are then able to try to find the cause of death and offer you advice to ensure this problem does not happen again. If the fish purchased is rated a number 1 fish and we conclude the conditions and handling of the fish by a customer was adequate, Majestic Aquariums will consider replacement fish. We do not refund or replace fish rated number 3. (See fish-rating systems in our Initiatives section)

Our good name is very important to us so if you ever have a problem with anything you have purchased from us, please let us know so we can help.


Customer ideas, comments and feedback

We really welcome all your ideas, comments and feedback. Majestic Aquariums aims to reflect the needs and desires of our customers and therefore highly appreciate and value your feedback.

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