Seachem Amguard 500ml

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AmGuard Concentrate safely, rapidly and efficiently removes toxic free ammonia. It is safe to use during tank cycling and is ideal for treating unexpected emergency situations.AmGuard reacts with free ammonia within minutes and does not alter pH. Ammonia can exist in two forms: free and ionized. It is only the free form that is toxic. Traditional ammonia test kits convert all ammonia to free ammonia by raising pH to 12 14; at this pH no ammonia removing product can function, and thus a false positive reading will result. Use Ammonia Alert or MultiTest : Free & Total Ammonia to directly monitor levels of free ammonia. AmGuard also removes chlorine and chloramines.


AmGuard Concentrate is the strongest ammonia binder on the market (even stronger than AmGuard Liquid). It works within minutes to detoxify free ammonia, and it doesn't degrade for nearly forty-eight hours. That 's nearly twice as long as our competitors products.


BEGINNER: Each level measure per gallon removes 4 ppm free ammonia. To determine how many measures to use, divide the ppm of ammonia present by 4, then multiply by the number of gallons. Do not repeat dosage for at least 24 hours. AmGuard may interfere with ammonia kits. If water temperature is above 30 C (86 F) do not use.