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The GLOSSY is a unique product line, the first of its kind on the market. The aquarium kit includes a special elevated tank and a lid with LED lighting which sits flush with the upper part of the tank. Thanks to this the aquarium looks like a solid piece of glass with an elegant band at the top. Being a highly original decorative element, a GLOSSY aquarium will suit any modern interior.

The lids of GLOSSY tanks are equipped with advanced Leddy retrofit LED lights to ensure the proper growth of aquarium plants. At the back of the lid, there are special openings for the hassle-free installation of canister filters and other aquarium devices.
The GLOSSY kits are ideal for the setting up of plant aquariums as well as biotope and traditional mixed aquariums. They are available in five sizes, ranging from 80 to 150cm in
length as well as a 50cm cube.

• A uniquely stylish appearance
• Light and modern
• Elegant tank stands
• Efficient LED lighting
• Hassle-free installation of canister filters and aquarium accessories

Full Aquarium Set up For fresh water

Glossy Tank

Tank 120x40x63

Cabinet 120x40x80

Capacity 260L