Arcadia Infrared Basking Spot E27

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Arcadia Infrared Basking Spot Lamp

The Arcadia Reptile Solar Basking Infra Red heat lamp is a wide beam flood red glass E27 lamp available in 50, 75, 100 & 150W. This lamp has been designed to heat the vivarium with little noticeable visible light. It is recommend that you use natural slate or similar under the heat source, this will store the heat in a natural way during the day & then release this energy back during the evening. This will aid stabilisation of enclosure temperatures not only during the day, but overnight when required.

Ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and evening
Can be used with the SBF and SBS intensive heat spots
A great source of heat for Ectothermic species
Can be used with a thermostatic control system
Low visible light, high heat
Emits no UV-B or UV-A, just Infrared