Battery Air 250C Air Pump Portable 150LH W Cigarette Lighter Plug


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Are you a fishing or aquarium enthusiast? Then you'll know that one of these battery air pumps is a must have.

The Aqua One 250C is the perfect emergency air supply to keep fish in a healthy condition. It is the perfect solution for when you need to transport your fish or when the power goes out..

The Aqua One 250C is small, lightweight and with low noise and a generous air capacity it is an energy efficient way of keeping your fish with an adequate air supply. Powered by 2 x D batteries or through a 12V in car cigarette charger, this air pump will keep your water aerated and limits the stress of your fish.

Aqua One 250C Battery/ 12V Portable Air Pump
1 x Aqua One Battery Air pump
1 x Airstone
1 x 50cm Length Silicon airLine
1 x In Car Power Charger
Takes 2 x D size batteries (not included)


Model: Aqua One 250C
Voltage: 1.5v/12V *
Power: 0.5w
Output: 150L/hr
Size: 130 x 75 x 45mm
Goldfish, Tropical and Marine safe