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Aquael Glossy Cube Aquarium and Cabinet set in Black Gloss 135 Litres

The Aquael Glossy Cube Aquarium and Cabinet set in Black Gloss with LED Lighting is a 135-litre tank with a high spec Glossy finish. The unique, stylish appearance of the cube-shaped tank with crisp lines is ultra-modern and is fully integrated with built-in, highly efficient LED lighting.

Thanks to its expert design, the Glossy aquarium looks like a solid piece of glass with an elegant black band at the top. The Aquael Glossy Aquarium with cabinet will suit any modern interior and offers easy installation and set up in the home. 

The advanced LED lighting in the form 2x 10w Retrofit LED tubes, comes included with the system and has the correct spectrum for excellent aquarium plants and fish growth. There are also openings at the back of the aquarium for hassle-free installation of the external canister filter systems.

The melamine faced chipboard cabinet with high gloss acrylic doors offers a simple and effective storage solution for all of your aquarium equipment to be stored away discreetly and comes flat packed for quick and easy installation

At a Glance:

Dimensions of Aquarium – L50cm x W50cm x H63cm

Dimensions of Cabinet - L50cm x W50cm x H90cm 

Size: 135 litres

Finish: Black Gloss

Easy to set up

Versatile and ultra-modern design

The cabinet is flat packed for easy assembly in the home

2x 10w Retrofit LED Lighting

Please note that filtration and heating is not included with this purchase

Faced chipboard, with high gloss acrylic doors.