Reef Factory Dosing Pump X1

Oz Aquarium

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echnical specifications:

  1. recommended single dose: 0.3 ml
  2. remote management capability
  3. number of pump heads: 1
  4. dose percentage change
  5. slow parameter change function (capability of adding extra doses at a given time)
  6. liquid level indicator and an alarm
  7. dosing history
    dosing schedule import/export
  8. manual dosing


The pump has been designed specially for dosing the main minerals (e.g. KH, Ca, Mg liquids) to the aquarium.
You can combine as many Dosing pumps as you like and create your own setup.
The Dosing pump has been developed specifically to fulfill the needs of marine aquarists. The Dosing pump from Reef Factory allows you to efficiently manage the process of liquid dosing in your marine aquarium. Its functionality goes beyond other solutions of this type and the product itself is constantly evolving.