Royal Nature Alkalinity Professional Test Kit

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Alkalinity can be measured by titration a sample with a strong acid until all the buffering capacity of the aforementioned ions above, the pH of bicarbonate or carbonate is consumed. This point is functionally set to pH 4.5.

At this point, all the bases of interest have been reached to the zero level; hence they no longer cause alkalinity.

Alkalinity is typically reported as CaCO3.
This can be converted into equivalents (dKH) when one equivalent is equal to 17.848mg/L.

Each test uses a two-part chemical reaction and a syringe. Unlike the Ca and Mg test, here we add the chemical solution to the sea water until the final color is hit. We also guarantee you’ll get 200 tests out of each dKH test.

In Royal Nature Alkalinity test the correlation between end point of titration and value of alkalinity was calculated with a lot of adjustments. Our ability to produce in small batches is crucial to achieve analytical calibration which is a key to our test’s accuracy.