Royal Nature Nitrate Professional Test Kit

Aqua Premium


With the Royal Nature Nitrate test, you have a two-step process using a powder and a liquid measure No3 in ranges of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50.

The nitrate content shouldn’t exceed 20 PPM in seawater and should ideally stay below 10 PPM in reef tank.

The Nitrate can be determined using a finely-tuned color chart which has range of concentrations for Nitrate of between 0-50 PPM

Royal Nitrate professional test kit is designed to be easy to use and read, plus give you 100 tests per kit.

Royal Nature spent the time to make this kit not only affordable, but easier to read and more accurate. The biggest complaint on titration test kits is reading the color shift to be accurate. Since color variation can be a subject to many factors - ambient light, way of sample’s hold. Individual eye color’s reflection - we in Royal Nature wanted to take the time to use analytic studies to make the colors fit the average eye reflection.