Royal Nature Nitrite Professional Test Kit

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The Nitrite ion NO2 is created from Ammonia in a process known as nitrification or Nitrogen cycle where bacteria convert Ammonia to Nitrite and then to Nitrate by oxidizing it. This process can take 3-4 weeks.

In sea water the NO2 levels shouldn’t be detectable by this test. Levels of more than 0.05 PPM are dangerous and not acceptable.

The test can be determine with a finely tuned color chart which includes a concentration range from 0.1-5 mg/l

Royal Nitrite professional test kit is designed to be easy to use and read plus give you 100 tests per kit.

Royal Nature R&D made this kit not only affordable, but easier to read and more accurate. The biggest complaint on titration test kits is reading the color shift to be accurate. Since color variation can be a subject to many factors - ambient light, way of sample’s hold. Individual eye color’s reflection - we in Royal Nature wanted to take the time to use analytic studies to make the colors fit the average eye reflection.

The Royal Nature Nitrite Test Kit is a one step process using 1 powder.

The test measures NO2 levels in ranges 0.1, 0.3, 0.5,1, 3, 5.