Royal Nature Nitrate Remover 1000ml

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Nitrates and Phosphates are beneficial in small amounts 0.04-0.06 PPM in NSW. But problems can arise when they increase. Excessive nutrients fuel algae growth and can stunt the growth of corals.

Low nutrients will keep your corals growing fast and healthy and keep your tank looking clean and beautiful. Our vision of nutrients and algae control, based on our best long-term experiments and constant R&D bringing you the best novelties.   

Royal Nitrate Remover stimulates the natural breakdown of Nitrate by bacteria. Strong and efficient carbon-based formula will keep your corals strong and healthy with low-cost maintenance. 


Dose daily 1ml per 20 liters until the Nitrate level is less then 1mg/l When Nitrate levels exceed 10 mg/l double the doses.
Check Nitrate levels weekly with the Royal Nitrate test kit or the new RoyaLab.


Not like others combining two liquids in one bottle, our biologists have decided to separate Nitrates Remover from Phosphate Remover as most of our researches found out that NO3 and PO4 are depleted in a different ratios and for better control it is recommended to treat NO3 and PO4 separately.