Royal Nature Phosphate Remover 1000ml

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Nitrates and Phosphates are beneficial in small amounts 0.04-0.06 PPM in NSW. But problems can arise when they increase. Excessive nutrients fuel algae growth and can stunt the growth of corals.

Low nutrients will keep your corals growing fast and healthy and keep your tank looking clean and beautiful. Our vision of nutrients and algae control, based on our best long-term experiments and constant R&D bringing you the best novelties.  

Royal Phosphate Remover based on Lantinium Chloride found as the best solution to bind Phosphate from the water and take it to the skimmer without any unwanted Phosphate clumps on your tank bottom. Royal Phosphate Remover will keep your corals strong and healthy with low-cost maintenance with Immediate action for Phosphate reduction.

Dose 1ml per 5 liters of aquarium water to reduce the Phosphate content by 1 mg/l.
Maximum one dose per day, repeat until levels are below 0,1 mg/l.
The use of Royal Phosphate Remover can cause a strong reduction of the pH; use only when KH is at least 8˚dKH.
Check the dKH-level after use of Royal Phosphate Remover.