Reef Pure 4 Stage 50GPD Essentials RO/DI System Reef Pure

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4 Stage 50GPD Essentials RO/DI System

The 4 Stage Reef Pure RO/DI systems are designed for Australian reefers who have tap water that is treated with chlorine,  some chloramines and have minimal levels of other contaminants.

All Reef Pure RO/DI systems feature high-quality, Mixed Bed Colour Changing DI Resin stages for 0ppm TDS water and include a full set of filters with the system.

Our 4 stage systems are housed on a single bracket which makes them compact, easy to move and ideal if a non-permanent connection is required. Installing a 4 stage system is simple and can be done in minutes without any permanent modifications to your home or its plumbing.

Click here to download the 4 Stage 50GPD Essentials RO/DI System User Manual