Carbon Block Filter Cartridge 10” X 2.5”

Reef Pure

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These filters simultaneously remove free chlorine and organic chemicals while providing the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity of an efficient 5µm nominal sediment filter. Carbon block filters remove chlorine, chloramines and hydrogen sulphide from water, along with many other contaminants that are unsafe for your reef aquarium. They also ensure that all chlorine is removed from your tap water before reaching the RO membrane, in doing this, they protect the RO membrane from oxidisation and permanent damage.

The unique extrusion process adopted during the manufacturing of these carbon blocks allow them to be produced with more carbon, but a lower pressure drop. This enables the filter to deliver extended life while removing sediment, chlorine, odour and organic contaminants from water.

The extruded carbon block filter consists of activated carbon particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency. These carbon block filters flow in a radial (outside-to-inside) direction, providing increased dirt capacity and low-pressure drop.

Unlike granular activated carbon (GAC) filters, these extruded carbon block cartridges are less inclined to channel or have water bypass the filtration process due to the extreme uniformity of their extruded activated carbon core.


  • No Fluidising
  • No Bypassing
  • Eliminates release of carbon fines
  • 100% pure construction materials
  • Manufactured using FDA compliant materials