Aqua Illumination Prime 16 HD White - Reef

Aqua Blue

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Aqua Illumination Prime 16 HD White

No longer are you limited to using a fixed amount of power per channel, the Prime 16HD dynamically adjusts power available to each colour, borrowing power from the colours you're not utilising. Giving you the most vivid spectrum your tank has ever seen.
Simple Built In Control
All AI devices include smart control standard. Use the my AI app on any IOS or Android device to easily set up or program your AI equipment. The Prime 16 HD Series is capable of producing a limitless number of special combinations to fit your tanks exacting needs.

Technical Specifications

Length 4.88in. (12.4cm)
Width 4.88in. (12.4cm)
Height 1.34in. (3.4cm)
Weight 0.95lbs. (0.43kg)
Power Specifications
Power Consumption 59W at full power
Universal Input Range 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
Cable Length 20ft. (6.1m)
PSU Regulatory Compliance UL, CE & RoHS
What's in the Box
AI Prime 16HD Reef
Power Adapter