Aquael Leddy Slim 10W 24-32cm Duo Marine & Actinic Complete Light Unit

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Aquael Leddy Slim 10W Duo Marine & Actinic 24-32cm

LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps are a new proposition for providing favorable lighting conditions in nano tanks. They are distinguished by a very modern look - they have the form of a flat, white panel installed with a single handle on the side or rear glass of the tank.

The lamp perfectly reproduces the interior color of the tank and supports fast, undisturbed plant growth. Ideally suited to small planted aquariums and shrimps.

A LEDDY SLIM DUO MARINE & ACTINIC lamp has been specially prepared for small marine aquariums. Similarly to the freshwater version, the rows contain diodes with a total power of 10 W. Half are MARINE diodes, emitting strong, white light with a color temperature of 10,000 K, ensuring good coral development. Other ACTINIC diodes emit a blue actinic light that intensifies the colors of marine animals.

The use of LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps means savings resulting from both lower consumption of electricity and longevity of their operation (they retain their effectiveness for much longer than traditional fluorescent lamps).

Thanks to two types of light contained in one lamp, you can conveniently provide comprehensive lighting for each nano-aquarium!