Aqua Medic Multi Reactor M

Pet Allience

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  • New double-chamber-system two different types of filter media can be used simultaneously Reactor M and L only.
  • Single-chamber-operation is also possible by removing the separating bottom of the reaction chamber.
  • For use in the aquarium or filter sump.
  • Space-saving with internal water supply.
  • Highly efficient filtration due to high flow through your chosen filter media (sold separately) such as activated carbon , phosphate absorber, zeolithe, fine filter and so on.
  • Adjustable water flow.
  • Very simple maintenance with removable filling tube, the filter housing incl. pump can remain in the aquarium for refilling and maintenance.
  • Includes 12V pump for safety.
  • Flexibly adjustable mounting system.


multi reactor Gen IISMLDimensions
(l x w x h) mm~60 x 50 x 325~80 x 60 x 390~100 x 100 x 465
Gross volume ml~270~540~1.200Filling quantity ml
(without sponge)~150~380~800Current consumption
~12 V / 4 W~12 V / 8 W~12 V / 14 WPump power
~200 l/h~350 l/h~450 l/hFor aquaria
≤ 350 l≤ 500 l≤ 800 lMax. glass thickness
(for holder)12 mm12 mm12 mm

Technical Data

  • Dimensions (lxwxh) 80x60x390mm
  • Filling quantity app. 540ml
  • Total power consumption 12V / 8watts
  • Pump power app. 350l/h.
  • For aquaria up to 500l